Europe’s Biggest Warehouse

As the world’s largest shipper of musical instruments, pro audio and lighting equipment, Thomann Group has at its disposal the industry’s largest-capacity warehouse operation in Europe.

Musicians love having a wide selection of instruments to chose from, and having the instrument of their choice delivered as rapidly as possible. Thomann Group has adapted its processes to these requirements, e.g. by sourcing goods from over 3,000 suppliers and factories in 55 countries.

Every year, our warehouses receive more than 5,000 shipping containers and 30,000 deliveries from hauliers. Arriving goods are inspected, processed if required, and dispatched or put into temporary storage. In total, our warehouse capacity is more than one million cubic metres in volume on 120,000 square meters of floor space.

Thanks to this capacity, we are able to assist out partners in procuring their goods and obtaining interim financing, while at the same time ensuring optimal availability of our entire product range to our customers.

As a partner of Thomann Nordic, you will benefit from a great deal of synergy and many years of experience in logistics and warehousing. Believe us: there’s no delivery that’s too large for us 🙂
We provide all this to our partners on a guaranteed “fair play” basis, i.e. we do not work on the basis of rigid supplier contracts and do without contractual penalties and cancellations.
Accounts are settled immediately as a general rule, and returns amount to a fraction of a single per cent only, as almost all cases can be handled in our extensive service centre in Germany.

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Thomann Nordic ApS is B2B only and does not offer end user support. Please contact the Thomann Service in Germany for Support.

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