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The MI market is a niche sector with many boutique manufacturers and complex logistics processes. We help our partners optimise their processes and improve their profitability.

Achieving economically and logistically viable sizes of orders is a great challenge in smaller countries and for boutique and craft producers, in particular.

As a result, many brands and products are not imported at all into some countries, or are only limited in availability due to irregular deliveries.
They are rarely transported in the most efficient way, i.e shipping containers,
and gaps in the delivery chains often require the use of expensive air freight.

We support our partners in optimising their delivery quantities and intervals by employing sophisticated forecasts, placing scheduled orders well in advance,
and consolidating orders from several suppliers in collective orders.
Frequently, our order volume exceeds that of other retailers considerably, meaning that our orders in and by ourselves are what allows the manufacturer to be stocked in Scandinavia in the first place.

Of course, we are guided by ourself-interest in this, aswell. Procurement from local suppliers ensures availability and preserves better margins. Furthermore, we can improve our customer service and support the local music industry by sourcing goods from the country for which they are destined.

Have we caught your interest? Call us, and we will be able to provide you with case studies from the industry which will help you judge for yourself the potential you can unlock by entering into cooperation with Thomann Nordic.

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